Clinical Consultancy on Functional Jaw Orthopedics – Clinical Case Discussion – International course 

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Dr. Carina Esperancinha
Medical-Dentist / Functional Jaw Orthopedic Specialist

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Access requirements

• Degree in Dental Medicine
• Practice dentistry


Clinical Consultancy on Functional Jaw Orthopedics – Clinical Case Discussion



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Course General objective:

• Clinical and scientific support in the follow-up of clinical cases of Functional Jaw Orthopedics. The diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan will be discussed according to the FJO principles in order to optimize the clinical results.

Educational Strategic Objective:

At the end of training, the trainee will be able to:
• Deepen their knowledge about the priorities and the sequence in the choice of Functional Orthopedic Appliances (FOAs);
• Acquire knowledge to know when to make the change of the functional orthopedic appliances;
• Deepen their knowledge about the use of accessories in the appliances;
• Know the correct construction of the functional orthopedic appliances to be able to critically analyze the appliances received from the laboratory;
• Know how to do the tracing of the casts and how to elaborate the prescription carefully and completely;
• Know how to perform the containment phase in functional orthopedic treatments;
• Actively participate in the discussion of clinical cases presented by the Institute and by the trainees.

We learn from people who are passionate about FJO and it makes all the difference!

Dr. Ana Rodrigues


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