Scientific Research


The Lisbon Research in Functional Jaw Orthopedics mission is the scientific knowledge production in the field of craniofacial growth development and in the stomatognathic system disfunction.

In the post-genomic era, experimental evidence supports that the morphogenesis, the craniofacial complex prenatal and the postnatal growth development can be modified.

Understanding the aspects involved in the craniofacial growth and it’s development is fundamental because the research on these materials promote the use of orthopedic functional clinic evidence based approaches, witch are able to influence the craniofacial growth and development, to prevent and to treat the stomatognathic system dysfunctions on the right time and in a proper way, producing a significant biological effect predictable, stable and clinically effective.

In the LRFJO there are two basic research main streams. A basic scientific research one, with targeted studies to gene expression in bone metabolism and another in clinical research, based on the radiographs of the latest generation, 3D Cone Beam CT witch innovative the software in the human skull cephalometric analysis.