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Wilma Simões European Institute, aims to transmit, disseminate and apply all the scientific knowledge accumulated by Dr. Wilma Simões for more than 50 years, one of the leading names in the field of Functional Orthopedics. This design perpetuates the scientific and entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Wilma Simões.


In this sense, the Institute accommodates 3 variants:




  • Responsibility: Aware of the importance that the joint work can have in terms of improving people’s quality of life, we strive for everyone to give the best of themselves permanently, in order to achieve the objectives that our partnership proposes.
  • Transparency: We know that only by developing our activity in a transparent and collaborative way can we enjoy the credibility and trust with future trainees, researchers, partners, dental professionals and public opinion.
  • Integrity: The honesty and seriousness with which we do our work is what best defines us. We try to be open, respectful and honest with everyone, so that we may be worthy of your trust.
  • Cooperation: We believe in synergies, in partnerships and teamwork as a way of sharing know-how, experience and achieving common objectives. We seek to collaborate with Companies, Universities, Health Schools and Research Centers, always looking for the best solutions for the problems of Dental Medicine patients.
  • Innovation: We seek to contribute to the development of the scientific knowledge in our field of work, using the latest technology to help us generate and disseminate critical thinking in the Craniofacial Development and Functional Jaw Orthopedics area.