Scientific Committe

The scientific committee of the European Wilma Simões Institute is composed of six members from different parts of the world have in common, the interest and dedication to the Functional Orthopedics. All being members of CEPECRAF-Centre for Study and Research on Facial Growth and Functional Orthopedics.

They are responsible for analyzing the feasibility of research projects, approving its implementation and monitoring their development.

PhD Wilma Simões

Morphology Master, Federal University of São Paulo.
PhD in Pediatric Dentistry: Functional Orthopedics, Cruzeiro do Sul University.
PhD Honoris Causa by the University Camilo Castelo Branco – São Paulo.
PhD Merit by the Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons.
Specialist in pain and TMJ Dysfunction – CRO.
Specialist in Functional Orthopedics – CRO.
Coordinator Teacher of the Specialization in Functional Jaw Orthopedics of the Cruzeiro do Sul University.
Founder Coordinator CEPECRAF-OFM Multidisciplinary – Center for Education and Research of Cranio-Facial Growth.
Institute of Dentistry – Post Graduate Program – Stricto Sensu in Dentistry – Cruzeiro do Sul University – São Paulo.
Publications: 5 editions of books on Functional Orthopedics seen through the Rehabilitation Neuro-Occlusal – Issues in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. More than 120 articles and chapters.

PhD Patricia Valerio

Functional orthopedic Jaws.
Senior researcher postdoc the department of physiology and biophysics at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Brazil.
orthodontic course professor at the University of Itauna – Minas Gerais – Brazil.
Researcher of CEPECRAF – Teaching and Research Center for Craniofacial Growth and Functional Orthopedics Multidisciplinary – Southern Cross University – São Paulo – Brazil.
Functional Orthopedics course coordinator Jaws of Biofokus – Turkey.
Researcher invited the University of Marmara – Turkey, the University of Ioannina – Greece and the University of Aveiro – Portugal.

Carina 02

Dr. Carina Pereira Leite Esperancinha

Functional orthopedic Jaws.
Coordinator Functional Orthopedics course of Jaws of Lisbon School of Functional Jaw Orthopedics – Lisbon. Specialist Certificate in Functional Orthopedics by Southern Cross University – São Paulo – Brazil. Researcher of CEPECRAF – Teaching and Research Center for Craniofacial Growth and Functional Orthopedics Multidisciplinary – Southern Cross University – São Paulo – Brazil.
Postgraduate degree in Rehabilitation Neuro-occlusal – Barcelona.

PhD Mercedes Galvez

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Granada.
Licensed in Dentistry from the University of Granada.
Neuro Rehabilitation Training Ocusal Dr. Planas and with Dr. OFM . Simoes.
Professor in the Master of Integrated Children’s Dentistry of the University of Seville.

Francisco 02

PhD Francisco Macedo

He graduated in Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry of São José dos Campos, Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho, UNESP, 1978.
Doctor of Functional Anatomy: Structure and ultrastructure, the Institute of Biomedical Sciences, University of São Paulo, USP, 1998.
Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by the Professional Development School of the São Paulo Association of Dental Surgeons, APCD 1980.
Specialist in Functional Orthopedics, Federal Council of Dentistry, CFO 2003.
Professor of the Specialization Course in Functional Jaw Orthopedics, seen through the Rehabilitation Neuro-Oclusal the School of Professional Association of Dental Surgeons of Campinas, ACDC.
Research professor of CEPECRAF – Teaching and Research Center of Craniofacial Growth – São Paulo.
active member of the Academy of IberoLatinoamericana dysfunction Craneo-mandibular y Dolor Facial, AILDC.
active member of the Brazilian Academy of Pathophysiology Cranio-oro-cervical, ABFCOC.

06 - Delfino 02

PhD Delfino Allais

Private practice in Turin and its province, where he focuses exclusively on Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics with a preference for Biomechanics Segmented systems, diagnosis and prevention at an early age and multidisciplinary treatments.
Born in Borgone Susa on 11/04/1963. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin in 1990.
He attended the Department of Periodontology of Odontostomatology Clinic of Turin where he Perfected in Periodontology in 1994.
He is Specializing in Orthodontics at the Royal Dental College, Aarhus, Denmark, in 1997, where he attained in 2000 also the Master of Science in Orthodontics. From 1997 to 2010 he was Professor with periodic contract at the same University.
And ‘state assistant at the Cleft Palate Institute of Aarhus, and Orthodontic Clinic Central Silkeborg.
He was in the first and second two-year course in Orthopaedics Functional Maxillae Prof. W.A. Simoes held in Sansepolcro Italy. Functional Specialist in Orthopedics at the ‘University Cruzero do Sul Sao Paulo Brazil.
He has published scientific articles and summaries of dental and orthodontic topics. Dr. Allais presented conferences in Italy, Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada.
It ‘been a member of prestigious orthodontic associations, including S.I.D.O., A.S.I.O., S.I.B.O.S., W.F.O., A.A.O., E.O.S.