The Lisbon School presents the Functional Jaw Orthopedics course for Dentists in several editions:

Rationale for the relevance of the course Malocclusion is a pathology characterized by causing aesthetic, psychological and functional discomfort to the patient. World Health Organization considers malocclusion the third oral health problem, due to its high prevalence rate. It is a priority to apply preventive and interceptive malocclusion procedures, giving priority to early treatments through functional orthopedic appliances which have the purpose of correcting the basal structure, to obtain a correct functional balance and using the growth to correct the malocclusion, producing effective clinical results. Currently, there is no specific training offer in this technique, so that we aim to endow Doctors of Dental Medicine with knowledge and tools which allow them to diagnose, anticipate and correct malocclusions as soon as they are detected.


  • Develop classroom training for national and international dentists;
  • Create content and knowledge, enabling to carry out a sequential investigation of the work of Dr. Wilma Simões;
  • Allow students to correctly identify the principles, characteristics, mechanisms of action of functional appliances, mechanisms involved in craniofacial growth and development treatment of temporomandibular disorders;
  • Making Portugal the European Pole for Research and Teaching of Functional Jaw Orthopedics;
  • Biannually invest in technology for monitoring the technological developments in the modus operand of formations;
  • The school itself to continue the technical studies.


  • This technique allows to bridge a European physician’s lack of information regarding the Functional Jaw Orthopedics;
  • Improved quality of life of patients through an early and sustained intervention;
  • Use of the ease of access to Portugal by European doctors as well as a use of the city’s infrastructure;
  • Broadcast in Europe Functional Jaw Orthopedics advocated by PhD Wilma Simões;
  • Feature increasingly applicant to the training via e-learning, managing to get to doctors without possibility of moving to Portugal.