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What is Functional Jaw Orthopedics?

Funcional Jaw Orthopedics (FJO) is a specialty that studies, prevents and treats the changes of craniofacial growth and development. It can correct jaw discrepancies and teeth position.
Functional Jaw Orthopedics plays an important role as regards the monitoring of the face growth.

What are the warning signs in your child that will lead you to seek a functional jaw orthopedic treatment?

Some warning signs can be identified in the jaw and teeth. Watch out if your child has any of these changes in the jaws and teeth:

Maxila Prognatism

Anterior Crossbite

Lateral Crossbite

Deep Bite

 Open Bite

Mandibular Prognathism

Also, watch if your child runs properly and with ease the following oral functions:

  • Preferably breathe through the nose.
  • Chew well.
  • Speaks well.

What can cause these changes?

These changes have repercussions in craniofacial growth and development and in the jaws growth, interfering with the face harmony.
These changes also have repercussions on the correct performance of oral functions (breathing, chewing, swallowing and diction).
We can not devalue the aesthetic and phonetic changes associated, which ultimately have an impact on social integration and building the self-esteem of the child, with a negative impact on their quality of life.

How can you prevent the “crooked teeth” of your son?

According to the World Health Organization, the malocclusions (improper fitting jaws and teeth) are the 3rd most prevalent oral disease in the world population. Preventive measures to reduce this rate should be taken.
There are factors that promote malocclusions and factors that prevent them.

A safe, happy and confident child will certainly have a promising future!

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