Dear therapist friends,

I am very honored to welcome for the first time in France; the third international congress of the Wilma SIMOES European Institute (WSEI); one of the few rare institutes in Europe, entirely dedicated to functional jaw orthopedics (FJO).

We will try , during those two days ; thanks to the contribution of passionate lecturers from around the world (Brazil, France, Portugal, Turkey, Spain and Italy); to deconstruct the prejudices that still prevent today seeing FJO as a complete therapy for the oral and overall health of patients and not only as a preliminary phase to fixed orthodontic treatments.

from Cruseiro do Sul University of Sao Paolo; by her presence; will give us the privilege of being able to listen to one of the most eminent representatives of FJO, one of those unique personalities who have written History alongside PLANAS, BIMLER, FRÄNKEL and many others.

We hope to share with you our passion for orthopedics and physiology and make you want to add this essential therapeutic tool to your daily practice by discovering all its potential whether in terms of prevention (birth) or complete treatments of all types of dental or skeletal dysmorphosis.

For ever fewer late treatments, often heavier and more invasive with fewer extractions and orthognathic surgeries and ever more overall early functional balance ; FJO is our best ally!

We thank you already for giving us some of your time and energy to come and share the effectiveness of the multidisciplinary exchange and help us to broaden the therapeutic horizon of the practitioners disseminating this essential therapy; despite all too little practiced and taught and becoming why not you also a passionate functional orthopedist!

Welcome to Brittany!

Rol Philippe
President of the Congress