07 and 08 November 2019


General objectives / Competencies to be acquired
• Develop a dynamic and interactive approach between the Speech Therapist and the Dentist, in the diagnosis and therapy of malocclusion and oral disorders, identifying and avoiding complications or recurrences in the treatment, thus promoting therapeutic success.

Educational Strategic Objective:
At the end of this course, trainees will be able to:
• Recognize the dynamics between Speech Therapy, malocclusion and Functional Jaw Orthopedics;
• Value Speech Therapy and Functional Jaw Orthopedics as specialties that diagnose, prevent and intervene in malocclusion;
• Know and apply a diagnosis of the primary functions of breathing, mastication, swallowing and speaking;
• Know myofunctional techniques for intervention in cases of malocclusion.


Dr. Inês Mendes
Speech / Myofunctional Therapist
Dr. Carina Esperancinha
Medical-Dentist / Functional Jaw Orthopedics